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When creating slides in a presentation, you can customize the header that will appear on the slides:

First, let's look at what data is available to you within the header of a slide:

Available variables

  • screenshot.ad_name - Placement name of the ad in the screenshot (blank if the ad has no name)

  • screenshot.ad_dimensions - Dimensions of the ad in the screenshot, e.g. "300x250"

  • screenshot.device_name - Device used when capturing the screenshot

  • screenshot.site_url - Site URL of the screenshot

To use variables in slides, wrap the variable in double curly braces like so: ##{{screenshot.site_url}}. You can mix in static content with variables as well. Variables wrapped in braces will get substituted with real data when we generate your presentation.

Customizing a slide header

When creating a presentation, each slide has a "header" input box that can be used to customize the header for an individual slide. You can use the variables above within this input to include data specific to a given screenshot.

To make it easy to reuse a format across all presentations, you can set an organization default that will apply to any future presentation you create. Let's take a look at how to set a default:

Setting an organization-wide default

To set your organization's default:

  1. Go to your organization settings

  2. Change the "Default slide header" field to the slide header you'd like applied to all future presentations

  3. Click 'Update Organization'

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