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Getting started with Webhooks
Getting started with Webhooks

Use Webhooks to automate your workflows and save even more time

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What is a Webhook?

A Webhook is a way for Ad Reform to send data to third-party tools to further automate your workflow. Just tell us which URL(s) you want us to notify, and we’ll push data to them as events happen in Ad Reform.

How do I set up a Webhook?

  1. Paste in the URL you want our system to send data to

  2. Specify which events you want to be sent to the URL

  3. Click Save

Where do I get a URL to use in my Webhooks?

Most commonly, you’ll get this from a third-party automation tool like Zapier or Make. These tools let you build workflows to move data across services, send notifications, and more.

Where do I manage my Webhooks?

What data is included in a Webhook event?

See Webhooks Documentation for more about the structure of an event


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