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What is Ads.txt Validator Pro?
What is Ads.txt Validator Pro?

Automate ads.txt validation with Ads.txt Pro

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Validation API

While there are so many pros about the ads.txt project, one of the cons is that it requires manual file changes. We tried to make the testing process a bit more automated with our free validator, but we wanted to go a bit further. With our Validation API, ad ops and engineering teams will be able to build our validator into their Continuous Integration process to enable them to test their ads.txt file before or after every deploy. CMS platforms can also build our validation tool into their UI to give enable file validation directly in their system.

Ads.txt File Upload

If you want to run quick ad hoc validations on an ads.txt file that hasn't been deployed live to the site, you can simply upload your ads.txt file manually for testing. Import your file and get your validation results:

Slack Integration

Messaging platforms like Slack have become an increasingly important user interface in the workplace. Many organizations (including ours) run their entire business out of Slack, whether it’s communicating internally, receiving important notifications in realtime, or commanding bots to do your bidding. With our Slack integration you can test your ads.txt file on the fly with a simple slash command: /adreform validate [domain]

In the future you will be able to receive ads.txt monitoring notifications within a channel (include ad ops folks, developers, etc.) as well.

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