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Getting started with screenshots
Getting started with screenshots

Importing ads and generating screenshots

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Welcome fellow Ad Reformer! We’re glad you've joined us to take the hassle out of screenshots. To make it a bit easier to get started, we've included a video walk-through and a step-by-step how-to guide. Keep in mind that everything you see here can also be done via API.

9 Minute Demo

How it works

1. Import ads

Ads can be imported as an ad tag (html), a URL tag, HTML5 zip file, Native ad, or an image/video file. Import ads one at a time, or in bulk via CSV. Once your ads load in the system you will be able to generate screenshots. You can also import ads via inbound email or API.

* If we don't support your ad format, just let us know and we can look at building support 👍

2. Choose sites and devices

Ad Reform's technology works by finding a similar ad size on the URL, then replacing it. You need to use a URL that has a similar ad size to the ad you're generating a screenshot of. If there's not one, our team will still work to find one for you via our pending review feature. You can also tag sites with certain ad sizes so that you can search URLs based on ad size (ie. 300x250). This will make the generation of the screenshots faster and more reliable.

Choose your URL from ones you've used in the past, add a new URLs, or past in a site list (ie. a campaign whitelist). Choose the device type(s). Remember to match mobile ad units with a mobile device (same goes for desktop). You can choose one or more URLs for each ad.

⚡️Pro tip: You can create multiple variations of ad + URL + device type all at once by clicking add set.

4. Customizable options

There are a few additional settings you can use when you're generating screenshots.

  • Schedule screenshots for a later date/time

  • Add special instructions that you want to make sure are included in the screenshots (ie. I need animated ads in the last frame of the ad or avoid certain content). Screenshots with generate and if there are any special instructions our team will get alerted and scan through the screenshots to ensure those are met (takes seconds/minutes). You will get exactly what you need every time and don't have to ask after the fact.

4. Screenshot generation and status

Press generate screenshot go grab a ☕️  Or don't, we're not the boss of you. Let Ad Reform take it from here. Our team will review them in real-time, adjust anything based on your requirements, and once they're complete, you will receive an email with a link to the screenshots. You can view their status in realtime:

  • Running (green): Screenshots are currently being generated

  • Pending review (blue): The screenshot might have an issue or you gave special instructions, so our team is scanning over them and approving. You will receive an email when their approved

  • Scheduled (blue): You scheduled your screenshots for a later date/time, so they're in the queue

5. Notifications and adding users

By default you'll receive email notifications when the screenshots are complete, but you can also use our webhooks feature to set up notifications to other tools and programmatically send the screenshots to those platforms as well (ie. Slack, Google Drive, etc.).

🚨 Important 🚨

It's important that everyone has their own login because an email notification is sent to the user that runs the screenshot set with a link to the completed set. If they use your login, they won't know when their screenshots are done. If you want someone else on your team to test out the tool you can add them under the members tab or just let us know and we can do it.

Notification email

The time it takes to complete will depend on how long your URLs take to load and how many screenshots you generated. If you run into any issues you can always hit us up on live chat in the app. I think you're ready to go.

Happy screenshotting!

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