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Generating Google Search Screenshots
Generating Google Search Screenshots

Get search ad screenshots quickly and easily

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Using our Google Search (SERP) screenshot tool, you can quickly and easily get your search ad screenshots in just a couple of minutes without having to rely on Google’s internal preview tool (or adjusting ad spend).

If you already know how to capture a preview image of your search ad in Google Ads Manager, you can go straight to this section.

What you need

  • An Ad Reform Subscription that includes the “SERP” feature

  • An image file of your search ad creative that is 1264 pixels in width

How to capture an image of your search ad in Google Ads Manager

  • Log into your main Google Ads Manager (GAM) account > search for the sub account that you want to capture a search ad screenshot for

    Find GAM account/subaccount
  • Click “Campaigns” in the left navigation panel > click on the desired campaign name in the table. This will bring you to the “Ad Group” page.

  • Campaigns page

ℹ️ You can easily identify a search campaign by looking under the “Campaign type” column in the table.

  • Once on the ad group page, click “Ads & extensions” in the left navigation panel. This will update the table with all of the ads in the campaign you selected.

    Ad groups page
  • Find a responsive search ad by looking under the “Ad type” column > click on the gray text below the blue link on the ad you need a screenshot for. This will open up the “Edit Responsive Search Ad” view.

    Finding a responsive search ad
  • Click the desktop icon to see a preview of the desktop version of your search ad

    Edit responsive ad

ℹ️ We suggest using a browser like Mozilla Firefox that will allow you to right click > hover over and select the ad > click “Take Screenshot” to capture an image of the ad preview. Also, take note of any keywords that you want to use for your SERP screenshot.

How to generate a SERP screenshot

Now that you have successfully captured an image of your search ad at 1264 pixels in width, follow these next steps to use the SERP tool in your Ad Reform Account:

  • Open or create a new campaign.

  • Open up the SERP tool in your Ad Reform Account.

  • Type or paste in the keyword you want to use in the “Keywords / Search query” field at the top of the form fill > click “Browse” to the right of “Ad image*” > choose your ad preview image that you downloaded in the previous steps > click the “Create” button at the bottom of the form fill

  • The tool will now generate a search ad and a screenshot within your campaign, which will look like this:

    Search screenshot result

ℹ️ Please note that the scrambled text will appear as normal text in your screenshot, and is used only in this example to obscure any sensitive information.

🥳 Congratulations! You just generated your first SERP screenshot!

You can now download your SERP screenshot just like you would any other screenshot generated in Ad Reform. If you have any questions about this process, chat with us our reach to at any time!

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