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Import ads & run screenshots via email
Import ads & run screenshots via email

Forward files to Ad Reform to automatically import ads

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Using your Inbound Email address, you can send ads to your Ad Reform account directly from email, have them imported and run the screenshots on a site list of your choice. You can find your org's email address here:

Not only is this a low-friction option for getting ads into the platform, but it can also be used to sync with third-party tools that support scheduled email reports (ie. DSP).

How it works

The subject line will become the campaign name, supported attachments will be imported as ads into the campaign and sites can be added to the email body. Here are the attachments we support:

  • Image files (PNG, JPG, GIF)

  • Video files (MPEG, MP4)

  • HTML5 zip files

  • Campaign Manager 360 XLS/XLSX files

  • Our custom CSV import formats (which can be used to import ads or ads+screenshots)

Adding a list of sites to the body

If you want to run screenshots on the ads you've attached to the email, you just need to add a list of sites to the body of the email (Full URL: You can use a comma, blank space or line break to separate the sites.

Customizing the subject line

If you want to import ads to an existing campaign, you can specify a campaign name in the subject line like so: <campaign My Campaign Name>

You can also specify a client to associate with the imported ads by adding this in the subject line: <client ABC Corp>

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