Using our site tagging feature, you can categorize sites to make it easy to pick a site when generating screenshots.

Here are a few examples of tags you might consider using:

  • Industries (e.g. news, sports)
  • Page types (e.g. homepage, article page)
  • Ad sizes (e.g. 300x250, 728x90)

You can add multiple tags to a site, so you can combine these different categories for more powerful organization.

Adding tags

To add tags to an existing site, click 'Edit' next to the site and add the desired tags to the 'Tags' field:

For new sites, you can add tags as you create the site:

Searching sites by tag

Once you've tagged some sites, you can search for a tag on the 'Generate Screenshots' page and see all sites with that tag:

You can also search by tag on the sites table:

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