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Getting started with Screenshot Workflows
Getting started with Screenshot Workflows

How to fully automate your screenshots ✨

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What is a Screenshot Workflow?

A Screenshot Workflow lets you define rules that we'll use to automatically generate screenshots on your behalf when ads are imported. This gives you the option to fully automate screenshots, especially when using an integration to automate ad imports (e.g. our API, inbound email, Xandr integration, or GAM integration).

How do I set up a Screenshot Workflow?

⚠️ Screenshot Workflows are currently in beta

If you'd like to be a beta tester, just chat us and let us know. Important notes for beta users:

  • Enabling one or more workflows will probably increase your screenshot volume. Please be aware when setting them up, and feel free to chat with our team about configuring workflows to match your goals.

  • Only ads imported using our Xandr integration are supported (we'll be rolling out support for other sources soon)

  1. Give your workflow a name (to help you remember what it does)

  2. Select an ad import source (the workflow will only run on ads imported from this source)

  3. Select which devices you want screenshots to be generated on

  4. Choose a site list to use when generating screenshots

How do workflows work?

How device selection works

When setting up a workflow, you'll tell us which devices you want us to use. When automating screenshots, here's what we'll do when processing each ad:

If the ad size only makes sense on specific device sizes...

We'll only generate a screenshot for it if the workflow's devices include a the relevant device. For example, if your workflow only has Desktop and iPad selected, a mobile ad unit (e.g. 320x50) will get skipped and no screenshot will be generated for it.

If the ad makes sense on multiple devices you've configured in the workflow...

We'll randomly pick one and generate a screenshot on it.

If you use our default device settings when configured your workflow...

You'll end up with one screenshot per ad that gets processed by the workflow. When creating a new workflow, we default to 3 devices: Desktop, iPad, and iPhone.

How site selection works

When setting up a workflow, you'll tell us which site list you want us to use. When automating screenshots, we'll randomly select a site from the list you've chosen.

Using the same example as above (i.e. you select Desktop and iPad for your devices), you'll get two screenshots per ad: one on Desktop and one on iPad. Each of these will use a site that is randomly selected from the Site List you've configured in the workflow.


How often do workflows run?

Workflows run every hour and check for any matching ads since the last run. Ads that have already been processed by a workflow (i.e. the workflow has already generated screenshots for them) will not be processed again.

Does a workflow look at existing ads, or only new ads?

When a workflow runs, it will find matching ads since it last ran (or, if it has never run, since the workflow was first created). Only ads created after the workflow itself will be considered "matching".

Can the same ad be processed twice?

An individual workflow will only process a given ad once. That said, if you have multiple workflows enabled, the ad could be processed once per workflow, if it matches each workflow's filters.

Can I turn off a workflow?

Yes, just find the workflow you want to disable, click Edit, and disable the workflow using the checkbox on the edit form

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