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How does the Xandr Connector work?
How does the Xandr Connector work?

Learn how Xandr data syncs with Ad Reform

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How often does Xandr sync?

When you connect your Xandr account to Ad Reform, we will start syncing with Xandr on a daily basis.

How does Xandr data map to Ad Reform data?

When pulling in Xandr data, we map the data to Ad Reform as follows:


Ad Reform



Insertion Order




What creative formats are supported?

Creatives in the following formats will be pulled in as ads in Ad Reform:

  • iframe-html

  • image

  • raw-html

  • raw-js

  • url-js

  • url-xml

Creatives in any other format (e.g. flash, text, etc.) will be ignored.

Common questions

Why does it say "invalid credentials" when I try to connect my Xandr account?

When you add your Xandr credentials, we do a test request to make sure the credentials have API access. If you see an error message saying your credentials are invalid, you may need to update the permissions for that user within Xandr and try again. Please don't hesitate to chat us if you're having issues getting things set up!

Why do I not see any Xandr data yet?

Once you connect Xandr, we start syncing the following day. And we'll sync the last 24 hours of data (specifically, we look at Line Items added in the past 24 hours). So you may need to wait a few days for data to start showing up, depending on how often you're adding Line Items in Xandr.

Why aren't some of my creatives getting pulled in?

If your creatives are part of older Line Items (from before you integrated Xandr with Ad Reform), or they are not in a supported format, they will not be pulled into Ad Reform.

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